Blue Cypress Payroll Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Revised Oct 2017


Payroll for $25 per week? What's the catch?

   The only catch is this rate is for small businesses with less than 10 employees. $25 per week is not a limited time rate; it's good for as long as you are a client.

How do I know my payroll taxes were deposited on time?

   You can login to the IRS payment website EFTPS to verify all payments. If we fail to make a tax deposit on time we will pay all penalties and fees. (please see our terms and conditions)

Do you do workers comp?

   We can help you find a workers comp insurance company and help you administer benefits but we are not a workers comp insurance provider nor an employee leasing company.

How much does it cost to run payroll?

   We offer an up front flat rate pricing model. Payroll is only $7.77 per employee per pay period. There are no setup or monthly fees.

How is my payroll funded?

   There are two main methods to fund your payroll. Either with certified funds (via a bank wire or cashiers check) or we can issue checks using your business bank account information. The second method requires additional setup.

What if I don't want to give access to my business bank account?

   We gladly accept wire transfers and cashier's checks.

How do I get my employee and current payroll information to you?

   If you use Quickbooks you can export employee and payroll detail data as Excel spreadsheets and we will enter them into our system. We will work with your bookkeeper or other authorized personnel to make sure the data transfer is simple and painless, regardless of your existing software.

What do we do, exactly?

   Blue Cypress is more than just a payroll processor. We can provide your business with employee management tools to help take the burden off of you so you can concentrate on your customers. We handle time card corrections, back ground checks, employee manuals, paid time off tracking, garnishments... duties normally associated with a large HR department.

What's the benefit?

   Peace of mind is more than a platitude, and not something easily achieved by just throwing money at a problem. Blue Cypress understands payroll and all the problems associated with managing employees. We did it in house for other companies for years and have just about seen it all. Our experience has refined our payroll system to the point you can relax knowing we are on the job. We know the tax rules and filing deadlines. We know which deductions are pre taxable and which aren't. Don't get stuck paying any more IRS penalties for late or incorrect filing.

Who's it for?

   Our experience comes from working inside of fast growning companies that went from a handful of employees to over two hundred. We want to help other small companies grow. We also have the knowledge and technology to provide excellent service to medium sized companies as well.

How's it better than the competition

   Having spent many painful years dealing with large corporate payroll processors, we knew there had to be a better way and so we created it. Our custom built software handles all the little details growning businesses need. We strive to provide excellent service to local businesses in the Tampa Bay area where we all can share the same beautiful Florida lifestyle. We personalize our service to each client to ensure they get exactly what they need and nothing extraneous.

How do we get started?

   Call us at 727-777-7306 and setup an appointment today. We will come to your location and discuss your particular needs and how we can customize a solution to solve them. Or send us an email at

What about garnishments? I have an employee who's pay is being garnished for child support.

   We can handle it. We will track all deductions and make payments to the garnisher on your behalf.

What are your setup and monthly fees?

   Zero. We don't charge any setup or monthly fees. We offer flat rate per employee pricing. This makes us a great option for businesses with less than 10 employees.

Do you offer time and attendance?

   Yes. We have a software interface that works at any location you have a computer with internet access. We coordinate with 3rd party vendors to provide a stand alone electronic wall mount time clock as well.

What about employee scheduling?

   We offer an employee scheduling computer interface that integrates with our time clock. Employees can see view their work schedule along side their time sheet. Managers and supervisors are alerted when an employee clocks in or out outside their schedule.

Do you provide health insurance?

   We administer health benefits which means we track deductions on a per employee basis for your existing health plans. If you don't have a current plan we can help you find one with our health insurance broker.

Do you handle 1099 workers?

   Yes, we can process payments for independent contracts. It is up to the employer to determine if a worker is a genuine independent contractor or an employee. We advise you to speak with a labor law attorney if you are unsure.

What about Obamacare reporting?

   Employers with 50 or more employees (applicable large employers) are required to file end of year reports regarding health insurance provided. If you have under 50 employees you are not required to provide health insurance nor the end of year reporting. For applicable large employers we will process and provide all the required reports including the 1095c.

What about background checks?

   We can automatically perform new hire or pre hire background checks for a standard fee. (see our current fee schedule)

Our former payroll processor provided X software feature. Do you provide that as well?

   Our cloud based software can be modified to your exact need. Our in house software developer looks forward to helping you solve any software related issue that you might have.

When is the best time to change payroll providers?

   At the beginning of a quarter. So that's either January 1st, April 1st, July 1st or October 1st. This is because federal payroll reports are due on a quarterly basis. Change providers in the middle of a quarter means some of the data for the quarter may be inaccessible to the new provider.

When payday arrives how do my employees get their checks?

   We provide free delivery (either overnight letter or hand delivered) for all your paychecks to your main location in south Pinellas County (Largo to Saint Petersburg). If you are outside this area then it is a $25 fee. If all your employees are on direct deposit then there is no delivery fee.

Are you bonded?

   Yes, we have a fidelity bond with Western Surety company. You can see a copy of the bond here.